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Introduction to Value Investing
Recent News/Commentary

What is Value Investing?

P/E Ratio and Earnings Yield

The Theory Behind Return on Capital and Return on Equity (in the context of value investing)

Time Value of Money

Glossary of Value Investing Terms

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Warren Buffett Quotes that Relate to the Psychology of Investing

Estimating Berkshire Hathaway's Intrinsic Value, Again

The Psychology of Investing

Analyzing a company's allocation of capital; acquisitions, dividends, share repurchases, excessive capital expenditures

FASB delivers potential victory to shareholders

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Javascript Calculators
Intermediate Topics

Intrinsic Value of a Stock

Present Value of a Future Payment

Estimate how much money you'll have when you retire, in today's dollars.

Adjusting earnings for stock options expenses

Explanation of logarithms